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The Top 12 Modern Luxury Crystal & Glassware Brands For 2023


The Top 12 Best Designer Crystal & Glassware Brands For 2023

Beautiful glassware is worth the investment. These exquisite pieces are a timeless and elegant addition to any home, and they can transform any space into a luxurious retreat.

Some of the pieces we have selected below are crafted from the finest materials, such as hand-blown crystal, making them true works of art.

In addition to their visual design appeal, handcrafted crystal and glassware also offer practical benefits. They are durable and long-lasting, making them a worthwhile investment for any home. They also add a touch of refinement to any space, whether you're entertaining guests or simply relaxing at home.

When selecting designer crystal and glassware, it's important to consider the overall style of your home and the purpose of the piece. For example, a classic crystal glass from Waterford may be perfect for a formal dining room, while a colorful glass from Maison Balzac or Fazeek may be ideal for a more casual living space.

Not all glassware is created equal - unlike standard glass or borosilicate glass, the best glassware is made from crystal (lead or lead-free). Crystal is a finer, stronger material that offers more clarity and brightness. 


    The Top 12 Best Crystal & Glassware Brands:




    The Modernism Cullinan Crystal Glassware was inspired by the ​world-renowned Cullinan Diamond, crafted from the finest crystal by master glassblowers who use up to 40 intricate steps to create each glass.

    The faceted crystal creates an exquisite architectural profile, playfully catching and reflecting light. 

    Material: Lead-free Crystal.

    Shop MODERNISM here 



    Pared-down simplicity. Riedel follows a form follows function design approach with varietal specific stemware... There are many Riedel glassware collections, from machine made glass, to more costly hand-made pieces from the 'sommeliers collection' which in our opinion is very well made.  



    Material: Both borosilicate glass and lead crystal, depending on the range.


    Shop RIEDEL here 




    Classic designs. Handmade in Ireland, Waterford's crystal glassware are uniquely handcrafted and represent the brand's iconic heritage. 


    Material: Lead crystal.

    Shop Waterford here 


    Luigi Bormioli


    Elegant, retro-chic styling. Luigi Bormioli has been crafting high quality glassware since it was founded in the 1940's. 


    Material: Lead-free crystal. 


    Shop Luigi Bormioli here 



    Felicia Ferrone's Dearborn Collection is glassware for a contemporary lifestyle. The design highlights balance with its intricate, hand-formed interior fluting set against minimal, straight outer lines.
    Material: Borosilicate glass.
    Shope Fferone here  


    Futuristic yet minimalist each glass is hand-made. Many of their glasses are made from a combination of copper and stainless steel, giving them an opulent, shiny finish. Their designs tend to be more rounded in shape which provides a very unique look.  


    Material: Borosilicate glass.

    Shop TOM DIXON here 

    Versace Home (Rosenthal Versace)


    The iconic Versace Home collection line for crystal glassware is Medusa Lumiere. This was originally designed by Gianni Versace. 

    Material: Lead Crystal Glass.

    Shop Versace Home here 




    After more than 230 years in business (and a lengthy line of commissions for many historical figures), Baccarat has risen to become one of the world’s premier names in crystal manufacturing and design.

    Material: Lead Crystal Glass.

    Shop Baccarat here




    Founded in 1881, Iittala started as a glass manufacturer, and today, glass and art glass are still an essential part of its heritage.

    Material: Borosilicate Glass. 

    Shop Iitala here







    Maison Blalzac debuted in 2012 founded by designer Elise Pioch. The brand is known for its distinctive retro-inspired style glassware.

    Material: Borosilicate Glass.

    Shop MAISON BALZAC here


    Ferm LIVING



    Ferm LIVING has gained recent popularity from it's ripple glass collection. The vertical ripples add a sophisticated look. 

    Material: Glass (Not Crystal or Borosilicate Glass). 

    Shop Ferm LIVING Ripple Collection here 




    FAZEEK was founded in 2017 in Melbourne, they are renowned for their fun, quirky and colourful glassware designs. 

    Material: Borosilicate Glass.

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